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What does a prescription to Citizens Advice Liverpool mean?

This #SocialPrescribingDay we’re talking about how Citizens Advice Liverpool has helped health professionals across Liverpool to better treat their patients with social welfare, anti-poverty and wellbeing support.

Citizens Advice Liverpool on Prescription aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by supporting patients with non-medical issues that may impact their health. It is a social prescribing service available to all health professionals working within primary and secondary care settings in Liverpool.

We know that one in three patients in Liverpool contacts their GP with concerns that can’t be addressed medically.

So, Citizens Advice Liverpool on Prescription is a treatment option that helps patients work towards debt reduction, financial stability, better housing and employment conditions, and reduced social isolation.

This service is enhanced by a wellbeing offer that aims to combat loneliness and social isolation in our communities. As part of the Wellbeing Liverpool partnership, Link workers connect patients to activities and groups in their area that will help to improve their lives; like art classes, sports clubs or volunteering opportunities.

Find out more about our service by watching this video:

Citizens Advice Liverpool provides this Enhanced Social Prescribing offer to health professionals and trusted partners across the city.

One trusted partner, Paul Tinnion - Clinical Team Leader for Liverpool Community Respiratory Team (LCRT) - said:

"Our service has been looking after patients in Liverpool for nearly 20 years and rely on strong links with outside partnership organisations who share our vision for holistic, patient centred care. We’ve been trusted partners of Citizens Advice Liverpool for 4 years and in that time we have referred as many of our patients to them as we could. We regularly screen our patients for social needs and see a referral for social prescribing as valuable as any referral for nursing, medial or allied health needs. I have always felt that removing anxieties around social issues such as pensions, state benefit entitlements, housing etc. will give patients more time to focus on improving their health and wellbeing. Citizens Advice Liverpool’s enhanced social prescribing offer does this and more. I’m proud that Citizens Advice Liverpool and the local NHS Trusts can come together to offer real support and change to the people of Liverpool. Personally I have seen the positive outcomes that a referral to Citizens Advice Liverpool on Prescription can have on patients, and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone who needed social support.”

To find out more about what Social Prescribing looks like in practice, watch this video produced by Wellbeing Liverpool:

If you are a health professional in Liverpool and are interested in hearing more about this service, please contact for more information.

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