Verified Partner Referrals

Citizens Advice Liverpool provides free confidential advice that is impartial and independent.


This referral system is in it's pilot stage and is only available to verified partners taking part in this pilot: Liverpool City Council, Merseycare and Alder Hey.

If you are not from the above organisations and wish to take part in the pilot and require access to use the forms, contact in the first instance. 

If you are referring a client to Citizens Advice Liverpool, please use one of the departmental referral forms below. If you need to refer your client to more than one service, please complete one referral form and add in the comments field any additional services your client needs. You can also upload any attachments to the referral form to assist with the support we provide to the client.


If you are making a self-referral through a workplace wellbeing service, please click the link for your company at the end of this webpage.

Employer Wellbeing Referrals

(If you are referring yourself using the link below, access to the forms has already been arranged by your employer. If you do not wish to make a referral using your work email address, you can contact us by telephone on the dedicated number provided by your employer).

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