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NHS Referrals

Citizens Advice on Prescription is a dedicated service that supports Liverpool inpatients and outpatients with their non medical-needs.

Wellbeing services

Link Worker Support for people who are lonely or isolated and would benefit from being connected to health enhancing services and activities in their communities. 

Priority need

We provide a same-day response if your patient has no money, no food, no fuel or is facing a threat of eviction or bailiff action. 

Your patient will be assessed for support in relation to:


Practical Advice 

​Social Welfare support with:

  • Benefits

  • Debt

  • Housing 

  • Employment

  • Food

  • Fuel


You can be confident that when you have made the referral, we will assess your patient within two working days and offer support appropriate to their individual needs.  


If you would like to hear more about the service, please email:

How to Refer

Referrals can be made via this Microsoft Form or other suitable links. 

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