Self Service

Our new online referral form allows people to request a call back or email from one of our advisers.


We want to make it as easy as possible to get the advice needed when people need it. Before making a referral please understand your are consenting to share you data with us.


To understand how we use your data please read our policies on Privacy & Cookies and our Information Charter.

To make a referral, press "Make a Self Referral" to access the referral form. When completing the self-referral form, be sure to select "Citizens Advice Liverpool" from the list of regions, as shown below. **Please note, as of Thursday 29th July 2021, we've temporarily paused self referrals whilst we support those who have been in contact in recent days. We anticipate opening this again in the w/c 2nd August. If you need help more urgently, please visit our Get Help pages for our contact telephone numbers.

Click here to make a self referral