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What is Social Prescribing?

Updated: Mar 22

To celebrate #SocialPrescribingDay this year, we wanted to talk a little bit about what Social Prescribing is and how Citzens Advice Liverpool are involved.

One of our wonderful Link workers, Chrissi, spoke to BBC Radio Merseyside about what her job involves and the importance of Social Prescribing in our city. Listen back here at 2:12:00.

So what is Social Prescribing?

In Liverpool, it’s estimated that as many as one in three patients contact their GP with concerns that can’t be addressed clinically. We know that for many people, the pandemic has increased isolation, money matters and mental distress.

Patients can be overwhelmed and find it hard to take steps that could improve their situation, while their GPs find themselves trying to help with debt, relationship problems, poor housing, stress and loneliness.

Help is at Hand! Wellbeing Liverpool

Always a step ahead, Liverpool has introduced a two-pronged approach, which is unique in the UK: GP teams now have extra help from Citizens Advice Liverpool and from social prescribers, who are more commonly known as link workers. Together, they can make ‘social prescriptions’ and help to identify support for patients who need more than medical care or alternatives to clinical interventions.

Putting patients in touch with a link worker can boost their overall wellbeing, improve their quality of life and, if needed, make sure they get rapid access to high-quality practical support with money and housing matters. Evidence shows that regular meaningful contact with others, for instance through gardening or dog-walking groups, improves our health and wellbeing. That’s why we now have a social prescribing partnership, consisting of GPs, link workers, delivery organisations and you, called Wellbeing Liverpool.

Join us in celebrating #SocialPrescribingDay on 18th March 2021!

What is Social Prescribing? Watch our video here

To see what it’s all about and to discover the kinds of activities you could try to improve your wellbeing visit the Wellbeing Liverpool website:


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