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Wellbeing Liverpool: Money Matters

Being ill is scary. On top of health worries, being ill can mean less money coming into the house, sometimes even job loss. It can mean hours on the phone to the doctor or the bank as well as hospital visits. At a time when people need to be able to concentrate on staying as well as they can, they may find themselves overwhelmed by extra problems, sometimes causing anxiety and depression.

We don’t want any patient to ever feel like this, which is why in Liverpool any health professional can now refer their patient to a dedicated rapid-response service. Citizens Advice on Prescription provides practical advice and solutions to money worries such as low income, housing, debt, welfare benefits and emergency support.

Their advice workers will help stabilise a patient’s financial situation, enabling them to make plans for the future. And once any money matters have been taken care of, Citizens Advice will link patients to social prescribing link workers, who can help the person reconnect to their community with a personalised health and wellbeing plan.

Citizens Advice on Prescription is a treatment option for patients with non-medical issues and is designed to support health staff working GP surgeries and Liverpool hospitals.

Referrals are quick and simple.

To make a referral use EMIS, secure NHS email, refer via or ‘phone 0151 494 1605.

Just the patient’s consent, name, contact number and postcode is needed. Patients will be seen within two working days, or same day, if marked urgent.

For every patient who needs support – because sometimes people need a helping hand.

NHS workers, Citizens Advice and GP social prescribers: working together we are Wellbeing Liverpool.

Money Matters. Watch our video here.

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