• Lucy Riseborough

How we're helping those isolating due to COVID-19

Citizens Advice Liverpool is working in partnership with Liverpool City Council and Public Health England to support people in our community affected by Coronavirus.

Citizens Advice Liverpool has been providing a COVID-19 support line since August 2020 and will continue to do so as our communities continue to struggle with pandemic related issues and as we work towards vaccinating those most vulnerable.

Our COVID-19 support line works to ensure that the people of Liverpool are supported to manage their health and wellbeing through any period of isolation or shielding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are providing a blended service that identifies and manages practical advice needs of clients while supporting their mental wellbeing during a difficult time.

Isolation is hard. Having to isolate where family members have become unwell due to COVID-19 is a harrowing time and having access to support is vital.

The people of Liverpool have suffered deteriorating mental health due to the stress and loneliness of many months of tier lockdown with infrequent visits out of the house for essentials. Further isolation caused by contact or confirmed COVID-19 infection can compound mental distress and lead to a deterioration in health.

Our dedicated staff can assist in helping to identify any services that may alleviate loneliness or help to support people through the traumas of isolation.

Referrals received to date have needed emergency interventions such as access to food vouchers, fuel payments and access to general charitable funds.

Effective isolation along with good infection control and use of PPE is key to reducing infection rates. Our support line ensures that people are able to effectively isolate without negatively impacting their wellbeing.

Our COVID-19 support line is proactive in helping to plan for the isolation period and improve our community’s knowledge in relation to testing and for the future vaccination. Our staff help people to think about the barriers they may have that will prevent them from isolating and work with them to plan to achieve solutions or workarounds.

We're Citizens Advice Liverpool, and we’re still here for you.

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