Mobile App

Big Lottery Funded – Awards 4 All grant


What has the grant achieved?

CAL has developed a mobile app which acts as a single point of access for advice in Liverpool so that anyone can find the advice they need at any time. Users click on the area of advice they need and list of agencies organised by distance (Linked to GPS) and whether the agency is open. Full contact details and directions are available. If no agencies are open at that time, there is the option to send a message to an agency or link to immediate online advice. Links to webchat advice are also available.

This ensures that people are receiving the most appropriate help conveniently and are not spending time travelling to closed agencies or those who are unable to assist them with their particular issues.

Tell us about the wider benefits to the community?

The mobile app is available to anyone in the community and has the scope to be rolled out beyond Liverpool.  This medium offers a new method of accessing advice, which means that it will increase awareness and accessibility for people in need who are not aware of services available or who would not access advice through more traditional channels. Therefore, through the project, we are able to expand our reach and support those who may not otherwise have found assistance and offer a seamless service for all.

Mobile App Launch
Mobile App YouTube Video