Information charter

This charter is for any member of the public who has dealings with Citizens Advice, which results in Citizens Advice holding personal information about you. It sets out the standards you can expect when we ask for or hold your personal information and what we ask of you, to help us keep information up to date.

Citizens Advice will abide by the law including the Data Protection Act 1998, when handling personal information.

When we ask you for personal information, we promise to:

  • make sure you know why we need it

  • ask only for what we need

  • not collect too much or irrelevant information

  • protect it and make sure nobody has access to it who should not

We, or an organisation working with the Citizens Advice service, may wish to contact you in future to find out what you thought of the service you received or for research purposes. This helps us to improve the service for others. In order to do this, we will ask for your permission to transfer your details for this purpose. If you do not wish to participate, you can specify that you do not wish to be contacted. Whichever option you choose will not alter the service and advice you receive.

If you give consent when asked, you are agreeing that the Citizens Advice service may:

  • refer you to other advice providers

  • make appointments with other advice providers

  • share your personal information with other advice providers so that they have initial information about you and your possible problems

  • share your personal information with another organisation or another part of Citizens Advice so they can contact you about your experience of using a Citizens Advice Bureau

  • share your personal information with another organisation or another part of Citizens Advice for research purposes

We will ensure that if your information is shared with another organisation, this is only done with your permission. We'll use the ICO Data Sharing Code of Practice when we share information to ensure the other organisation treats your information with the same level of care as us. We do not sell personal information about clients or correspondents to commercial organisations.

We provide training to staff who handle personal information and respond appropriately if personal information is not used or protected properly.

In return, we ask you to give us accurate information; and tell us as soon as possible anything changes, which may affect the information we hold.

If you're unhappy with how we hold your data, contact the CAB that you are connected with or follow our complaints procedure.

We will also:

  • provide the public with up to date, relevant information on Citizens Advice websites to help solve their problems

  • write research and publish evidence reports based on our social policy work

  • provide summaries of our completed work on our website together with more performance data in our annual report

  • strive to maintain our aims, principles, and standards of good administration.